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Are you seeking a meaningful job and want to be a voice for water?
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Choosing an exciting career in a thriving environment.
Being part of a responsible company that balances environmental sustainability, advanced technology, well-being for all, and the development of territories.
Making a positive contribution to the future of water by designing increasingly efficient water treatment facilities.

A position for you?

Engineering Managers (M/F), Design Project Drafters (M/F), Project Execution Managers (M/F), Experts (M/F) in Civil Engineering, Process, Electrical Automation, Project Directors (M/F), Assistants (M/F) in Construction, Engineering, Purchasing, Buyers (M/F), BIM Managers (M/F)…

Jobs to be discovered

Water has become precious, even threatened. At Stereau, our teams perform essential work that contributes to a sustainable improvement of water resources, creating a more sustainable future. Each in their own way, Stereau’s employees contribute to preserving its availability and quality for everyone.

Collaborateur Stereau -Marcel Moutarde, Metteur en route

Marcel Moutarde, Start-up operator

«Working on the design of water treatment plants that bring health and well-being to communities and the environment inspires me and enables me to make a significant contribution to society.»

Apprenticeship at the heart of Stereau's recruitment policy

Apprenticeship is a path of excellence and a springboard to employment that allows young people to gradually develop their skills under the guidance of their mentors, and then within Stereau’s teams when they join the company. Fully committed to preserving resources, protecting the environment, and adapting to climate change, Stereau relies on the younger generations to meet this challenge with a clear ambition: to recruit committed individuals who want to make a difference, providing them with quality training alongside seasoned and passionate professionals.

Saur Group's 2021 integrated report

Quentin Dole, Work-study BIM assistant engineer

«In the next few years, I'd like to move up to the position of BIM referent or BIM coordinator, which would enable me to continue raising awareness among project workers regarding more demanding and sustainable practices.»

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