Guy Avril,
Civil Engineering and Planning Manager

Stereau employee focus - Guy Avril, Head of Civil Engineering and Planning
«Water treatment is more than a science, it's a responsibility. It's our duty as civil engineers to ensure that the service we provide is reliable and long-lasting. »

Guy holds a PhD in sedimentary geology from the University of Nancy, which didn’t particularly predestine him for the water treatment business, but he joined the Saur group in the 90s, which gave him the advantage of knowing many of Stereau’s projects inside out.

On a day-to-day basis, Guy is the translator, the one who knows how to talk to the water treatment and civil engineering professionals, the two trades that work together to build drinking water production plants and wastewater treatment plants. These important installations are hardly ever seen, but they provide such an indispensable service to the environment and to people.

Stereau designs and builds plants with partners. The most important of these are civil engineering companies, which are responsible for the structural work. Guy’s job is to work closely with these companies to design and optimize the construction and operation of water treatment facilities. This requires a detailed knowledge of the regulations governing water treatment structures, and the pitfalls to be avoided to ensure the stability and watertightness of the structures, which have to support gigantic water loads for years.

In the offer phase, Guy studies the impact of planned constructions on the environment, and carries out mathematical calculations, taking into account the size of the structure, the constraints of the terrain and the type of materials used, to enable the design or refurbishment of certain structures.

In addition to his great curiosity and atypical background, Guy has a creative and pragmatic mind combined with a rigorous ability to think globally about projects. He plays a key role with our civil engineering partners in ensuring that our projects are a success. In the construction phase, he also works closely with the construction project manager and the site supervisor to oversee the work from start to finish, ensuring that it is carried out to schedule and on time.

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