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Optimizing the performance of water treatment facilities

As a real source of expertise and innovation, backed by Saur’s operation, Stereau’s culture is that of a local design-builder and operator capable of providing its expertise in optimizing water treatment plants to a wide range of clients. In response to the growing demand from its clients and operators, Stereau, through its subsidiary Stereau Equipements et Services, offers a full range of services to support operators in optimizing the operation of their plants, bringing its perspective as a designer and builder.

Water treatment plant
Your challenges
  • You want to assess your water treatment plant and receive recommendations for improving its operation.
  • You want to optimize your assets by improving the productivity and sustainability of your water treatment plants.
  • You want to renew targeted strategic equipment and achieve energy savings.
  • You want to take concrete actions to protect water resources and improve the carbon footprint of your facilities through the implementation of innovative digital technologies.
Our Solutions

Stereau Equipements et Services offers a range of services to improve the long-term performance of water treatment plants:

  • Operational preparation for optimized plant management: technical and organizational training, technical documentation
  • Support for asset management: installation diagnostics including process and environmental audits, maintenance support such as renewal plans and implementation of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Renewal of strategic equipment and process components: membranes, air diffusers, spare parts.
  • Optimization of process performance: multiparameter operational diagnostics, pilot installations for micropollutant treatment
  • Rehabilitation, improvement, and renewal works, from initial studies to operator training and technical assistance.

Strategic equipment: Exclusive partnerships

Stereau benefits from exclusive contracts with the Japanese firm Kubota for the distribution of submerged flat sheet membranes in France. These membranes are used in Stereau’s patented Aqua-RM® process, specifically designed for wastewater treatment.

This patented technology from the Saur Group is particularly suitable for preserving coastal areas and sensitive natural environments.

In France, Stereau is also the exclusive distributor of Oxyflex® diffusers, marketed by Supratec for over 14 years. This partnership provides Stereau with extensive experience in the product, its implementation, and its operation.

The Oxyflex® MF 650 & MF 1100 diffusers ensure excellent oxygenation performance, among the best on the market, and offer high reliability over time.

Focus on the services provided by Stereau Equipements et Services

CarboPlus® process illustration

Micropollutant treatment pilots

On drinking water and wastewater water treatment plants,span, Stereau Equipements et Services offers  installation and monitoring of pilot treatment units for micropollutants (pesticides, drug residues, etc.).

Stereau construction site management

Improvement, rehabilitation or renewal work

Stereau Equipements et Services offers local  communities to carry out improvement, rehabilitation or renewal work on their factories, drawing on despan's proven engineering methodology and tools, Stereau. 

Wastewater treatment plant professional, water treatment expert

Energy audits

Stereau Equipment and Services  offers  energy audits to operators in partnership with Riventa,  a subsidiary of the Saur Group.

Oxyflex Air Diffusers - Water Treatment

Replacement of Oxyflex air diffusers

The Oxyflex air diffusers used in the aeration tanks of  wastewater treatment plants require strict adherence to the maintenance procedures outlined   in the operating manual in order to optimize their lifespan.

Aqua-RM® membrane process for wastewater treatment

Aqua-RM® Process Technical Audit and Module Replacement

The Aqua-RM® process sold by Stereau requires strict adherence to the maintenance procedures  provided in the operating manual to preserve the lifespan  of the membranes and their integrity.

Water treatment plant

Commissioning Management

Stereau Equipment and Services provide their expertise from the design phase to ensure a successful commissioning of the facilities.

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