Who are we?

We are a global player, expert in water treatment engineering.

Your water is precious. And guaranteeing its availability in terms of both quality and quantity is becoming a key issue for your community. To improve the efficiency and performance of your water management, Stereau, the engineering subsidiary of the Saur group, can help you design and build water treatment facilities: drinking water production plants, treatment stations, etc.
of wastewater.

In a rapidly changing environment – climate change, demographic and urbanization trends, new lifestyles and consumption patterns – we are preparing for the future by thinking today about the water treatment facilities of tomorrow. We innovate to preserve this essential resource, combat new forms of pollution, limit withdrawals from the natural environment, save energy, and turn your effluent into a new resource.

Water treatment plant
Our mission

Imagining and bringing to life more efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient water treatment facilities

Pollution, growing demand for water, water stress and climate change are all having an ever-increasing impact on resources and ecosystems, creating new environmental and social challenges for local communities.

Imagining the water treatment plants of tomorrow means giving each local authority the means to develop its territory sustainably by adapting their production tools to the ecological transition. Stereau supports its customers at every stage of their projects to : 

  • provide sustainable access to an essential resource in all circumstances,
  • reconcile water performance and energy efficiency, by integrating latest-generation, more energy-efficient solutions at the heart of our plants, 
  •  preserve natural resources, recover and recycle them efficiently.
Our expertise

Offer customized, innovative solutions to enhance the environmental performance of water treatment plants

Acknowledged for the quality of its facilities and the performance of its treatment processes, Stereau supports local authorities from strategy, with consulting missions, to studies, design, works supervision and operating assistance. To achieve this, Stereau draws on its solid expertise in water treatment processes and project management.

On each project, our teams innovate and explore all the levers for water and energy efficiency of a facility, focusing on the performance of the chosen treatment processes and the energy efficiency of buildings and equipment, while optimizing investment and operating costs. Our expertise applies to both new and existing installations for drinking water and wastewater projects.

Stereau water treatment expert.
Young girls drinking water.
Our raison d'être

Acting, advocating, federating all stakeholders to give water the value it deserves

Beyond our core business – managing water responsibly, in sufficient quality and quantity – we are committed to acting and convincing, so that together we invest in saving water and invent new models for preserving our planet’s most precious resource.

For us, giving water back the value it deserves means designing and building sustainable, high-performance infrastructures, designed from the outset to save, exploit and make the most of this precious resource.
It also means modernizing existing facilities, giving local authorities the means to anticipate, prevent and mitigate the effects of pollution and climate change on health and the environment. Finally, it means giving each region and its stakeholders the means to develop harmoniously, while contributing to the quality of life of the local population and maintaining local economic, agricultural, industrial and tourist activities.

Our history

We have mastered all the skills required to build complex water treatment facilities for over 60 years.

Since its creation, Stereau has been providing its water treatment engineering expertise to local authorities wishing to build, renovate or modernize their water treatment facilities.

Created in 1959 to meet the challenge of water supply in rural areas, Saur’s Grands Travaux division became Stereau (Société générale d’assainissement et de stérilisation des eaux) in 1979. Over the decades, it has broadened its range of activities, increased its number of sites and developed numerous treatment processes.

Exporting its know-how internationally, Stereau continues to innovate to meet the growing needs of local authorities, with the same focus on each territory: developing and offering turnkey solutions that provide sustainable access to an essential service.

Kerran wastewater treatment plant (Morbihan) Stereau
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