Treating and reusing wastewater

As an expert in wastewater treatment and reuse, Stereau implements advanced technologies in the facilities it builds to ensure the preservation environmental preservation and resource protection. Our teams deploy expert solutions to turn the wastewater treatment plant into efficient factories that recover treated water, generate energy, extract raw materials and produce high-quality recycled water
for various purposes all within a circular approach.

Station de traitement des eaux usées - Stereau
Your challenges
  • You aim to operate reliable and high-performing wastewater treatment facilities, that can efctively treat all pollutants and minimize environmental impact.
  • You strive to achieve your environmental goals, minimize the negative impacts associated with your treatment facilities (such as discharges into the natural environment, odors, etc.) and benefit from the best techniques for treating and recycling treated wastewater.
Our solutions

Stereau offers solutions covering the entire wastewater cycle, ensuring the following for each project:  

  • Guaranteeing treatment performance
  • Optimizing the operation of the treatment plants
  • Facilitating the operation of the facilities
  • Optimizing investment and operational costs 
  • Conserving water, chemicals, and energy
  • Protecting the environment from carbon emissions
  • Reusing treated wastewater for new purposes

Reusing treated wastewater: an appropriate solution for water-stressed areas

Climate change, particularly in the form of repeated droughts, combined with population growth, is prompting us to review our water management models to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient quality and quantity of water. To support local economic activity and avoid excessive conflicts of use, local authorities need to come up with innovative solutions. This is the only way they can succeed in protecting their water resources in an increasingly strained environment.

By giving wastewater a second life, the reuse of treated wastewater (REUT) is becoming a necessity. It enables wastewater to be treated to a satisfactory level to satisfy new uses: agricultural irrigation, groundwater recharge, urban services, thus combating the effects of drought while preserving water resources.

To support local authorities in their water management policies and help maintain economic, agricultural, industrial and tourist activities in their areas, Stereau offers a wide range of innovative solutions for reusing treated wastewater at the facilities it designs or optimises, meeting safety and health quality requirements.

Stereau’s technologies for reusing treated water are modular and can be adapted to all needs, whether agricultural or urban. The tertiary refining processes used vary according to the intended use and the required quality. UV disinfection may be sufficient, particularly when the secondary treatment includes membrane filtration of the Aqua-RM® type. More advanced technologies such as reverse osmosis or the elimination of micropollutants using the CarboPlus® process may be available.

Focus on three key solutions for wastewater treatment


CARBOPLUS® EAUX USEES works on the principle of an activated carbon reactor on a fluidized bed with continuous renewal for the elimination of micropollutants.  

Aqua-RM® membrane process for wastewater treatment


The AQUA-RM® process combines activated sludge biological treatment and submerged plate-membrane filtration for wastewater, making it particularly well-suited to the constraints of sensitive environments and coastal areas. Stations equipped with them are three times more compact than a conventional station.

Procédé Ammonair


Process for controlling aeration in extended aeration activated sludge wastewater treatment plants.

Focus on three emblematic wastewater projects

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