Stereau and ONEAD, united to address the effects of climate change.

In Djibouti, Stereau is undertaking the extension of the Douda wastewater treatment plant, a large-scale project aimed at enhancing the sewage treatment capacities of the capital of this Horn of Africa country and increasing the reuse of treated wastewater in a territory facing high water stress.

Our expertise

Engineering and project management

A comprehensive and optimised design of water treatment facilities while ensuring cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, and environmental issues.

Cutting-edge technologies

A wide range of technical solutions and innovative services designed to improve plant performance and minimize environmental impact.

Consulting & Services

Tailored services to modernize existing structures and optimize their technical and environmental performance over time.

Our achievements

Join us

Join Stereau
and be part of the Mission Water

In a world undergoing water, ecological, and digital transition, where everyone is seeking a meaningful job, Stereau aims to welcome, support, and develop all talents by offering sustainable career paths for everyone.

At Stereau, you will have the opportunity to work in a human-scalled company and tackle complex engineering challenges in the field of water, environment, and territorial development.

By joining the movement led by the Saur Group through
“Mission Water”, you will actively contribute to the protection and enhancement of this precious resource.

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