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Water treatment technologies and facilities play a central role in public health, providing access to quality drinking water, combating pollution, preserving the environment and biodiversity, and enhancing the resilience of communities. With the challenges posed by climate change and emerging pollutants, the water sector requires increasingly advanced and innovative solutions.

To address these challenges, Stereau develops and implements innovative processes tailored to various types of water and new sources of pollution. These processes are among the most effective and competitive in the market, and they contribute to:

  • adapt processes to variations in water quality,
  • effectively combat micropollutants,
  • optimize energy and reagent consumption,
  • preserve resources by regenerating them (reuse of treated wastewater and recycling of raw materials),
  • agronomic and energy recovery from sewage sludge,
  • reduce the production of greenhouse gases by limiting the use of fossil fuels.
Procédé Ammonair


Process for controlling aeration in extended aeration activated sludge wastewater treatment plants.

Aqua-RM® membrane process for wastewater treatment


The AQUA-RM® process combines activated sludge biological treatment and submerged plate-membrane filtration for wastewater, making it particularly well-suited to the constraints of sensitive environments and coastal areas. Stations equipped with them are three times more compact than a conventional station.

Stereau's Aqua-RM® / CarboPlus® process


The combination of the AQUA-RM® submerged-plate membrane bioreactor and the CARBOPLUS® continuously-renewing Fluidized Activated Carbon reactor represents the best available technology for the complete treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, from pollutants to micropollutants.

Aqua-RM® membrane process for wastewater treatment

Aqua-RM® Process Technical Audit and Module Replacement

The Aqua-RM® process sold by Stereau requires strict adherence to the maintenance procedures  provided in the operating manual to preserve the lifespan  of the membranes and their integrity.


The BEFLOW® AGS process offers a sustainable and efficient solution for wastewater treatment, combining a reduced footprint with improved plant capacity and efficiency.

Building Information Modeling - Stereau

BIM – Building Information Modeling

The BIM methodology and the digital model enhance the efficiency of design, construction, operation, and The maintenance of a project. Using the digital model, BIM provides a 3D visualization of the facilities and contains all the key data related to a structure. BIM enhances project management, collaboration among stakeholders, and the optimization of human, material, or environmental resources throughout a project's lifecycle.

Procédé Biolest - Stereau


Biological treatment by biofiltration on Biozzolane, BIOLEST® is particularly well-suited to compact plants with varying loads or dilute effluents that need to be integrated into a sensitive environment.

Illustration of the Calcycle® process


Process for reducing the calcium hardness of water, economical and compact, acting on the calcium-carbonate balance of water.

Carboflux Process


Developed to meet the operational constraints of challenging-to-treat waters such as waters from lakes or reservoirs that are highly eutrophic and chronically polluted with pesticides, CARBOFLUX® continuously absorbs, without the need for operational intervention, all peaks of pesticides or other soluble absorbable pollutants.

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