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Stereau’s know-how and expertise in water treatment engineering are reflected in a range of services adapted to suit every need, from the turnkey design and construction of new plants to the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing facilities. Whether it’s ensuring the sanitary quality of water distributed to consumers, improving wastewater treatment, or preserving natural environments, Stereau provides customized treatment solutions for complex and large-scale operations, as well as for specific equipment and service requirements.

Stereau - Usine de production d'eau potable d'Orly2 (Val-de-Marne)

Designing drinking water treatment facilities

In an ever-changing world, ensuring access to safe drinking water for all is a major challenge. While water is an essential resource for life, it is not directly consumable when sourced from the natural environment. Depending on its origin and immediate surroundings, water must undergo suitable treatment in a drinking water production plant, following well-defined quality parameters. From designing conventional drinking water treatment processes to more complex treatment systems, we offer local communities solutions that meet the sanitary requirements and comply with regulations.

Treating wastewater

If wastewater generated by human activities is not properly treated before being discharged into the natural environment, it can have a negative impact on it. That’s why wastewater treatment in treatment plants is absolutely essential for the sustainable preservation of our natural resources.
The wastewater treatment plants designed by Stereau ensure the safety of the treated water discharged into the natural environment and have no impact on biodiversity. In the context of climate change, our solutions also enable efficient reuse of wastewater to maximize resource preservation.

Gazomètre de la station d'épuration du Bourdary (Ardèche) - Stereau

Valorizing sludge and natural resources

Sludge is generated from wastewater treatment processes. This sludge can either be treated for agricultural use, incinerated for disposal, or utilized for renewable energy generation. Enhancing the valorization of sludge and other by-products from wastewater treatment, reducing their volume, and transforming them into new resources is a significant environmental challenge. To enable their reuse and valorization, Stereau has developed and offers a wide range of processes for all stages of sludge treatment: dehydration, thickening, drying, and digestion through the production of biogas, which can be used as renewable green energy.

Optimizing the performance of water treatment facilities

Ensuring and optimizing the long-term operation of a water treatment facility requires specific expertise. Equipment wear and deterioration, energy efficiency loss, and process performance reduction can impact the effectiveness and sustainability of a plant. By anticipating preventive and corrective actions, our subsidiary Stereau Equipements et Services has developed a wide range of services, including process and environmental performance optimization, improvement or rehabilitation works for plants, and the implementation of digital solutions to preserve water and improve the carbon footprint of the facilities.

Expertise that meets the challenges

Because every project is unique, Stereau’s approach is to provide tailor-made support, taking into account each customer’s specific requirements. The design of each station is the subject of a comprehensive analysis that takes into account the quality and quantity expectations of local authorities, as well as environmental and architectural constraints.
With its strong engineering and project management capabilities, Stereau is able to deploy comprehensive, innovative, and customized solutions to meet the challenges of water and ecological transition in territories.


Attentive to customer needs, Stereau mobilizes all the technical expertise and creativity of its engineers and technicians for each project. Stereau engineers use a wide range of solutions and technologies to design installations that combine technical, economic and environmental performance.

Project management

Project management is a continuous and dynamic process for Stereau, enabling all stakeholders to share clear objectives, make decisions, and anticipate challenges. To effectively manage the projects entrusted to us, Stereau has adopted integrated tools and methods that cover key strategic areas of project management, including quality, safety, contractual commitments, risk management, cost and schedule control, and human resources.

Technical and Digital Innovation

Innovation is our greatest ally in treating and preserving water. Supported by inventive Research and Development, Stereau develops a wide range of technological solutions and innovative services. The diversity of processes and technologies at Stereau’s disposal allows us to build the most suitable solutions for our clients while optimizing resource protection.

To ensure ongoing monitoring of installations throughout their lifecycle, Stereau implements the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and digital modeling. These tools enable local communities to effectively manage their investments and improve the long-term performance of their assets by better controlling the maintenance of their installations.

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