Our commitments

Giving water the value it deserves

The water transition requires the mobilization and coalition of all stakeholders (communities, industries, citizens, farmers, associations, civil society). In line with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy of the Saur group, it commits us, women and men of Stereau, to take action, advocate, and unite to change the models, even anticipating or influencing regulations, to continuously improve even in areas we already excel at, and to be exemplary in every way, both internally and externally.

3 axes and 9 CSR commitments for a more responsible model
Our contribution to the SDGs, at the heart of the "Decade of Action for Water”
Accelerating the water transition, everywhere, for everyone: 2023 CSR Integrated Report

Our commitments: the compass for all our actions

Ensuring the safety of water, protecting ecosystems, addressing the challenges of climate change, and strengthening our local integration: Stereau acts in a sustainable and responsible manner every day, prioritizing tangible actions in all areas.

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