Thomas Beret, BIM Modeler Apprenticeship

«It's primarily the BIM skill that attracted me to Stereau. My company's activity contributes to my values, and that's what I look for in an employer.»

Passionate about new technologies and motivated by BIM design, Thomas chose to continue his studies within Stereau Engineering. After two years of integrated preparatory courses, he is currently in his first year of the Engineering cycle at the CESI school in Rouen.

The main challenge for Thomas in his job was to understand and assimilate the different water treatment processes, aspects not covered by his training. His tasks involve creating digital models, producing plans, and ensuring that the equipment in the model complies with the codifications of the P&ID – Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.

For Thomas, the apprenticeship at Stereau represents much more than just a work experience. It’s an opportunity to actively contribute to innovative projects in the water sector, while developing his skills and participating in the company’s digital transformation.

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