Jennifer Thierry, Engineering Studies Intern

«Effective wastewater treatment is crucial to protect our ecosystems, water resources, and health, requiring advanced technologies and awareness from everyone.»

Passionate about the environment and motivated by the desire to contribute to the improvement of water quality in France, Jennifer chose to continue her studies in this field. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Science at Sorbonne University in Paris. Before joining Stereau, Jennifer had the opportunity to work with a Syndicate on a river development project, further solidifying her commitment to water-related professions.

In her work, Jennifer is in constant interaction with various profiles: project managers, drafting designers to verify plans and 3D models, as well as process experts. She has notably contributed to FMECA analyses concerning the risks and solutions related to water treatment equipment. So far, her achievements have mainly focused on drinking water projects.

For Jennifer, the future of water treatment also involves better wastewater treatment and the elimination of increasingly numerous pollutants, particularly pharmaceutical residues.

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