Vathia-Gonia (Republic of Cyprus)

Vathia-Gonia, coping with water stress

As the largest European reference in membrane filtration with treated wastewater reuse, the design and construction of the Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant were entrusted to Stereau by the Sewerage Board of Nicosia in 2008. With a capacity of 200,000 population equivalents, the facility aligns with the water preservation policy of the island where this resource is scarce.

Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant (Nicosia - Republic of Cyprus)

The challenges

  • To contribute to the demographic, economic, and touristic development of the island of Cyprus
  • To combat the chronic water stress on the island caused by climate change and the increasing frequency of drought periods
  • To make treated wastewater an alternative resource for agricultural irrigation and watering of green spaces

Our solutions

The Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant implements a tertiary treatment of wastewater using Stereau’s patented Aqua-RM® process. This process, based on a flat sheet membrane bioreactor, involves separating the purified water from the activated sludge through membranes submerged in a treatment reactor. The water passes through membranes that allow water to pass while retaining suspended solids and bacteria. Meeting the ‘bathing water’ standard, the water can be reused for agricultural irrigation and watering of green spaces after UV disinfection treatment.


  • A reuse of all the treated water for agricultural irrigation, cleaning operations, and replenishing surface water reserves.
  • Energy and chemical savings. The Aqua-RM® membrane technology provides a less expensive alternative to seawater desalination and helps preserve drinking water resources for domestic use.
Volume of treated wastewater
population equivalents
Aqua-RM® flat sheet membrane reactors

Other achievements

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