Angoulême (Charente)

Angoulême: micropollutant-free drinking water in any weather

For the treatment of turbidity peaks, an important indicator of water quality, Stereau has deployed the Claricarb-R® solution on behalf of SEMEA at the Pontil drinking water plant. This technology combines two treatment stages in a single facility: treatment of micropollutants using the Carboflux® process, and reduction of turbidity due to rainfall.

Pontil drinking water plant (Angoulême - Charente).

The challenges

  • To upgrade the Touvre drinking water production plant in order to meet the needs of SEMEA subscribers, both in terms of quality and quantity, representing one-third of the population of the Charente department
  • To ensure for years to come a drinking water of superior quality to regulatory requirements by treating micropollutants and turbidity
  • To implement a treatment process that conserves water at the heart of the treatment process
  • To optimize energy consumption of the plant

Our solutions

The Claricarb-R® process combines the treatment of micropollutants and turbidity peaks associated with rainfall. This technology consists of a clarification step combined with a water refining treatment using activated carbon with the Carboflux® process. As a result, the distributed water quality remains constant regardless of variations in the raw water quality and flow rate, and any degradation in raw water quality is immediately treated. The Claricarb-R® solution ensures the simultaneous removal of suspended solids, colloids, dissolved substances, algae, microorganisms, micropollutants, and pesticides in water.


  • An extremely high-quality drinking water achieved through advanced treatment of micropollutants and turbidity
  • A consistent quality of distributed water regardless of variations in the quality and flow rate of the raw water
  • Maximal responsiveness during turbidity peaks
  • Savings in reagents thanks to a wide range of possible carbon
  • A low energy consumption process
inhabitants served
a third of the population of Charente
Annual production capacity of
8,212,500 m3

Other achievements

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