Kerné Uhel (Côtes-d’Armor)

Kerné Uhel: a plant meeting
the challenges of Côtes-d'Armor

The absence of deep groundwater resources in Côtes-d’Armor has led the department, the Kerné Uhel Mixed Syndicate, and the Côtes-d’Armor Drinking Water Supply Department (SDAEP 22) to rely on surface water resources for drinking water supply, making the water supply extremely vulnerable to drought and pollution from micropollutants. With a capacity of 900 m3/h, the modernization of the Pont Saint-Antoine drinking water production plant, entrusted to Stereau, has secured the supply of high-quality drinking water for over 70,000 inhabitants.

Kerné Uhel drinking water production plant (Morbihan) - Stereau.

The challenges

  • To secure the distribution of drinking water for the inhabitants of the central-west area of Côtes-d’Armor.
  • To modernize the treatment process by anticipating regulatory changes regarding the treatment of micropollutants, especially pesticides including glyphosate.
  • To provide a solution to the sometimes significant algal growth phenomenon in the fall due to the presence of phosphorus and nitrogen in raw water, a phenomenon exacerbated by sunlight and climate warming.
  • To save water in the treatment process and improve the efficiency of drinking water production.

Our solutions

The new installation secures the process through the doubling of the flotation stage. To overcome the inefficiency of traditional sedimentation techniques in addressing the algal issue (algae naturally tend to float to seek light), Stereau has implemented its patented Aéroflux® process, which ensures the simultaneous removal of algae and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) present in the raw waters of the Blavet dam The use of this process also helps reduce water losses at the plant by nearly 4%.

Carboflux®, the micropollutant removal process using powdered activated carbon, guarantees a high level of organic matter and micropollutant removal, and adapts to the pollution load. Treatment is completed by UV disinfection to eliminate viruses, ensuring the supply of top-quality drinking water to the residents of the 16 communes of the Syndicat Mixte de Kerné Uhel and neighboring syndicates.


  • The guarantee of excellent quality drinking water, free from micropollutants and without the risk associated with algal blooms.
  • An optimized performance.
  • Water savings achieved in the process.
16 municipalities
supplied with
high-quality drinking water
Operation with all types of
activated carbon

Other achievements

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