Limoux (Aude)

Limoux: an exemplary station

Treating wastewater optimally in a flood-prone area is the challenge undertaken by Stereau in Limoux (Aude) on behalf of the SIVU (Intermunicipal Syndicate) of the Limouxin wastewater treatment plant. As an exemplary model of nuisance control, the wastewater treatment plant has intentionally been oversized to accommodate the future needs of the population and support the region’s economic development.

Limoux drinking water production plant (Aude).

The challenges

  • Ensuring the secure treatment of wastewater for the SIVU (Intermunicipal Syndicate) of the Limouxin wastewater treatment plant.
  • Taking into account the future needs of the population and expanding the treatment capacity to 28,000 population equivalents.
  • Replacing the existing facilities that no longer met the standards
  • Limited the environmental impact of the site through soundproofing, odor control, and enhanced landscaping.

Our solutions

The Limoux wastewater treatment plant meets the environmental and site-specific constraints. Classified as as a flood-prone area, it is equipped with a raised platform above the natural ground level. Sensitive equipment has been installed above the elevation of the hundred-year flood.

The treatment process has been secured even during flood periods, with the creation of a buffer basin that can store rainwater for a rainfall duration of 4 hours. The collected effluents are redirected to the head of the plant to be treated after the rainy period. A 375 kW generator ensures the operation of the plant in case of a power outage, thus guaranteeing the quality of the discharge.

The proximity of residential areas required a particularly careful integration, with structures being covered to mitigate odor risks, coupled with an air treatment system using the Lanodor® biological process.

In terms of byproduct treatment, the station is designed to treat:
> fats (biological process: Lipocycle®),
> sand through a sand washer, cleaned to become a recyclable product,
> non-recyclable waste.


  • Prevention of flood risks through an appropriate system
  • An exemplary station in terms of nuisance control and recycling of purification by-products
Up to
m3/day of daily rainfall flow
population equivalents
Storage of rainwater for a duration of
4 hours

Other achievements

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