Louvigny (Calvados)

Louvigny: a state-of-the-art facility

Located in Louvigny (Calvados), the Orne plant is now one of the largest drinking water treatment plants in Normandy. . Managed by the Eau du bassin caennais syndicate,
the plant has been completely redesigned and rebuilt by Stereau. It provides drinking water to approximately 130,000 residents of Caen and its metropolitan area.

Louvigny drinking water production plant (Calvados)

The challenges

  • Optimizing the production of drinking water for Caen and 40 municipalities in its metropolitan area
  • Ensuring advanced treatment of micropollutants for optimal distributed water quality
  • Consolidating and expanding water exchanges with neighboring territories
  • Mastering energy expenses of the installation and minimizing operating costs

Our solutions

In order to ensure the production of drinking water, the Louvigny plant has three separate treatment lines. Thus, in the event of an unexpected issue with one line, two other lines are available. Similarly, in case of pollution, the plant also has a reserve of 7,500 m3 ensuring greater operational flexibility.

The installation is equipped with the membrane  ultrafiltration treatment process associated with  micropollutant treatment using the Carboflux®  solution, ensuring a very high quality of treated water intended for human consumption.

The ultrafiltration membrane water treatment process provides unparalleled treatment quality and sanitary safety. Ultrafiltration removes particles, colloids, and macromolecules without altering the mineral balance of the water

Suitable for highly polluted surface waters, the Carboflux® ® process permanently eliminates micropollutants (pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, etc.), which are not removed by conventional activated carbon filtration methods. The taste quality of the water is enhanced through the simultaneous oxidation of ammonia and adsorption by carbon of organic compounds that generate flavors. Carboflux® is particularly energy and reagent-efficient, aligning with the energy optimization approach expected by Eau du bassin caeannais.


  • High-quality drinking water without micropollutants and undesirable particles
  • Great operational flexibility with 3 treatment lines and a water reserve of 7,500 m3.
  • Energy optimization of the facility through the use of energy-efficient treatment processes
Louvigny drinking water production plant (Calvados)
A production of
inhabitants served in
drinking water
water tanks of 2,500 m3 each

Other achievements

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