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A wide range of solutions to help you make the water transition in your region

Water treatment technologies and facilities play a central role in public health, providing access to quality drinking water, combating pollution, preserving the environment and biodiversity, and enhancing the resilience of communities. With the challenges posed by climate change and emerging pollutants, the water sector requires increasingly advanced and innovative solutions.

To address these challenges, Stereau develops and implements innovative processes tailored to various types of water and new sources of pollution. These processes are among the most effective and competitive in the market, and they contribute to:

  • adapt processes to variations in water quality,
  • effectively combat micropollutants,
  • optimize energy and reagent consumption,
  • preserve resources by regenerating them (reuse of treated wastewater and recycling of raw materials),
  • agronomic and energy recovery from sewage sludge,
  • reduce the production of greenhouse gases by limiting the use of fossil fuels.
Equiflux® water treatment process


Physico-chemical treatment process used for physical-chemical decantation combining coagulation, flocculation and separation of suspended matter by lamellar decantation on a rectangular structure.

Lanodor® process


Biological Treatment of Odors from Wastewater and Sludge Treatment.

Equiflux® water treatment process


Suitable for sensitive areas and for reuse of treated wastewater, tertiary filtration on synthetic fibers achieves a very high level of purification of suspended solids and phosphorus, and protects final disinfection by ultraviolet, improving its effectiveness and making it more reliable.

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