Stereau inaugurates the new Orly 2 drinking water plant for Eau de Paris


Stereau, the engineering division of the Saur group, announces the inauguration of the new process at the Eau de Paris drinking water production plant in Orly (Val-de-Marne). With a capacity of 150,000 m3/day, this facility becomes Stereau’s largest reference in drinking water treatment with the CarboPlus® micropollutant treatment solution.

Officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and Eau de Paris on Thursday June 29, the new plant produces 300,000 m3/day of water in two 150,0000 m3/day batches, ensuring a secure supply of high-quality drinking water for almost 650,000 Parisians.

With this contract worth 45 million euros awarded in 2018 by Eau de Paris to the consortium (1) headed by Stereau, Saur’s Engineering subsidiary reaffirms its ability to manage ambitious design-build projects for large treatment plants in the Paris region.

Orly: a strategic position in the Eau de Paris supply plan
An essential link in the capital’s water supply, the Orly site supplies the south and part of the west of Paris intra-muros, providing a quarter of the capital’s drinking water needs. The site benefits from a raw water reserve, isolated from the Seine, which can provide up to two days’ autonomy in the event of pollution.

A facility that puts innovation at the service of the ecological transition
As well as being an aesthetic and environmental success, the Orly 2 plant uses the latest cutting-edge techniques in drinking water treatment, ensuring the treatment of micropollutants.
Thanks to the use of patented CarboPlus® technology, the new treatment process not only guarantees the transformation of Seine water into micropollutant-free drinking water of excellent quality, but also enhances the plant’s operating flexibility, while reducing energy and reagent consumption. The use of regenerable micro-grain activated carbon enables very high performance treatment of micro-pollutants without producing waste, thus sustainably reducing the plant’s ecological footprint.

A BIM (Building Information Modelling) project
To best meet Eau de Paris’ expectations, Stereau implemented BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology. A veritable revolution in the construction world, BIM is a collaborative construction project management method based on a 3D digital model containing reliable, structured data, making it possible to design, build and maintain the highest economic and environmental performance of water treatment facilities over the long term. Coupled with Eau de Paris’ CMMS, BIM has made it possible to integrate the future operation and maintenance challenges of the Orly 2 plant.

Hugo Bardi, Chairman of Stereau and Managing Director of Saur Water Engineering:
“We are particularly proud to inaugurate the new process at the Orly 2 drinking water production plant, which perfectly illustrates the challenges ahead in terms of water quality, the circular economy and the decarbonization of water treatment facilities. It is the perfect illustration of a technological benchmark and a shared ambition on the part of Eau de Paris and Stereau to promote the ecological transition and sustainable water management for the benefit of Parisians”.

(1) : Razel-Bec (civil engineering), Setec-Hydratec (project management) and Ateliers Monique Labbé (Architect)

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