SEDE Wastewater Treatment Plant: Stereau Switzerland at the forefront of micropollutant treatment


The SEDE Wastewater Treatment Plant, serving the Wastewater Association of Delémont and its surrounding areas, marks a significant milestone in wastewater management with the integration of the CarboPlus® process. This cutting-edge technology, unparalleled in the market, provides a sustainable and efficient solution for water purification, playing a vital role in environmental protection and enhancing the quality of aquatic habitats in Switzerland.

Why and how CarboPlus® contributes to protecting natural environments, reducing the environmental impact of wastewater treatment plants, and improving water quality in Switzerland. Unique in the market, the patented CarboPlus® process stands out for its ability to remove a wide range of micropollutants through the optimized use of activated carbon. A proven solution in France and Switzerland, CarboPlus® is a hallmark of performance and sustainability for the treatment of drinking water and wastewater.

How does CarboPlus® work?
This innovative process treats wastewater by circulating water through beds of granular or micro-grain activated carbon, allowing for efficient adsorption of micropollutants. The biological reactors of CarboPlus® ensure a continuous renewal of the carbon, thereby optimizing the capture of pollutants without generating waste or toxic by-products, unlike other technologies on the market. This technology not only treats water to an exceptional level but is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The CarboPlus® process has been successfully deployed in other facilities, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness through numerous references in Switzerland and France.

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