Bourdary wastewater treatment plant - Aubenas (Ardèche). Biogas production from wastewater - Stereau

Aubenas (Ardèche)

Aubenas: wastewater to green energy  Consisting of the five municipalities of Aubenas, Saint-Etienne-de-Fontbellon, Saint-Sernin, Saint-Didier, and Mercuer, the Bourdary Joint Association initiated the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in June 2019 to replace the outdated Bourdary and Tartary treatment plants. By producing and utilizing biogas derived from the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge […]

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Fos-sur-Mer wastewater treatment plant (Bouches-du-Rhône)

Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône)

Fos-sur-Mer: an exemplary environmental assessment The wastewater treatment plant in Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) is undergoing transformation to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Through the processes it implements, the new plant, with a capacity of 28,000 population equivalents, achieves ambitious objectives in terms of treatment performance and environmental compliance, a significant environmental asset for the city of

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Station d'épuration de Penthaz (Suisse).

Penthaz (Switzerland)

Penthaz: pioneer in micropollutant treatment  in Switzerland With the wastewater treatment plant in Penthaz (Vaud canton), the fight against micropollutants in wastewater has entered a concrete phase in Switzerland. The plant, managed by the Intercommunal Association for Wastewater Treatment (AIEE) of Cossonay-Penthalaz – Penthaz – Daillens-Bettens, is the first Swiss facility to be equipped with

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La Grande-Motte wastewater treatment plant (Hérault).

La Grande-Motte (Hérault)

La Grande-Motte: protecting a sensitive coastal environment In 2011, the Community of Municipalities of Pays de l’Or entrusted Stereau with the design and construction of the wastewater treatment plant in La Grande Motte. Designed to meet the future sanitation needs of La Grande Motte, the plant ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for preserving the quality

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Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant (Nicosia - Republic of Cyprus)

Vathia-Gonia (Republic of Cyprus)

Vathia-Gonia, coping with water stress As the largest European reference in membrane filtration with treated wastewater reuse, the design and construction of the Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant were entrusted to Stereau by the Sewerage Board of Nicosia in 2008. With a capacity of 200,000 population equivalents, the facility aligns with the water preservation policy of

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Achères wastewater treatment plant (Siaap - Yvelines)

Achères Seine Aval (Yvelines)

Achères Seine Aval: restoring the ecological state of the Seine In 2015, Stereau was declared the winning bidder of the tender launched by the Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of the Paris Metropolitan Area (SIAAP) for the design and construction of the primary sedimentation at the Seine Aval plant located in Achères (Yvelines), the second largest

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