Stereau Suisse inaugurates SEDE wastewater treatment plant


SEDE wastewater treatment plant (Delémont - Switzerland).

It’s possible to take concrete action to guarantee the good ecological status of watercourses. This is now a reality for the Syndicat pour l’assainissement des Eaux de Delémont et Environs (SEDE) wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of Soyhières, which treats the micropollutants present in wastewater before it is discharged into the natural environment.

For this facility, which will be inaugurated on September 30, 2022, Stereau Suisse SA has opted for innovative solutions that reduce micropollutants in treated wastewater by 80%. To complete wastewater treatment and preserve the quality of the water in the Birs, the new plant has been equipped with the CarboPlus® micro-grains micropollutant treatment process. CarboPlus® is a patented process developed by the Saur group to remove a wide range of micropollutants (pesticides, drug residues, etc.) which, if present in the natural environment, can have harmful effects on natural ecosystems.

This new reference in Switzerland strengthens Stereau’s position in one of Europe’s most promising markets.

Thanks to the Syndicat pour l’assainissement des Eaux de Delémont et Environs (SEDE) and the engineering firm RWB Groupe SA for their trust and exemplary collaboration.

Stereau Suisse inaugurates the Delémont wastewater treatment plant (Switzerland) - Stereau 2022
"Since 2018, Stereau has been effectively supporting Swiss wastewater treatment plants in improving their performance in removing micropollutants from wastewater with the patented CarboPlus® process."
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