Mase certification: health and safety prevention
at the heart of Stereau's performance

Safety on a construction site.
MASE certification, health, safety and environment - Stereau

Since 2015, Stereau has been committed to a safety management approach based on the MASE standard. Simple and effective, this certification is an operational implementation of the company’s prevention approach.

Mase certification is linked to the company’s commercial positions and strategies for developing and promoting its processing technologies. It also enables Stereau to establish a genuine safety approach in line with its business activities.

After an initial three-year certification (2016-2018) on the France scope, Stereau’s achievements department has successfully renewed its certification in 2019 for a further three years, the maximum possible. This was extended until 2023 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The scope of MASE certification covers project management, construction and commissioning of wastewater and drinking water treatment plants in France, excluding Greater Paris.

Starting in 2019, all Stereau employees will become involved in the MASE approach, with a main objective of zero accidents, and the organization of or participation in safety “talks”, safety visits, feedback on dangerous situations and best practices.

Mase is also a management commitment to :

  • make health and safety prevention a component of corporate performance,
  • regularly monitor health, safety and environment results at the highest level, to ensure continuous improvement in these areas,
  • sustain the achievement of these objectives through a Mase committee.
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